Hello, welcome to my website!!!jdime

I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I studied a B.Sc in Biology and a PhD in Biochemistry with a Computational Biology twist. My scientific passion is the  integration of large scale datasets to study systems as a whole (e.g. cells and organisms) to model the influence of variations in the way system components interact with each other on the fitness of the system. During the last 15+ years I’ve had the chance to collaborate with teams in Mexico, the USA and Canada.


What do I do?

Think about a library – to extract knowledge from books we need to know or translate their language. If we find book particularly interesting we can extend our reading to more books on the same topic, and perhaps we want to do some research in large scale using computers to gather specific signals from books. For example, we can find that some authors have influenced others, interconnecting books, following tendencies, and establishing networks of knowledge.

There is something similar within our cells. Our library, called genome, has genes (books) encoding information which influence the action of other genes. For example, some genes tell our body which cell components are necessary to transform our morning breakfast into energy. Our bodies respond to diseases by turning genes on and off, etc. Each of us is unique because we all have variations both in our personal genomes and in the way we interact with the environment. Then, as a system biologists, my passion is to establish models to read and understand our genomic library.


A way to give back to the community?

I strongly believe that education, sports and arts make conscious citizen and lead to build stronger communities. However, not all families can afford to provide their children with recreational activities. Recently a group of friends and I co-founded  an organization called NUTMEG SOCCER which provides free soccer and educational sessions for children in Toronto. We connect everything to our values of friendship, fun, respect, equity, education and teamwork. The response from our community has been fantastic, with several enthusiastic volunteers and partners supporting our work. Take a look at our website and social media and you’ll see that nothing equals those happy faces at the end of our sessions 🙂